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Product Description

FOREST LITE is a single jacket, circular woven, 100% high tenacity polyester hose intended for forestry and wildfire firefighting.  It is available in 1″ and 1 1/2″ diameters, typically in lengths of 50′ and 100′.  It can be coupled with NH, NPSH, special threads or 1/4 turn.  Field detachable couplings are also available for 1″ hose.  FOREST LITE meets U. S. Forest Service standard F-187.

Forest Lite is a single jacket, polyurethane-lined lightweight hose intended for use in wildland fire 
suppression. It meets or exceeds NFPA 1961 Fire Hose Standard, 2007 edition.
Diameters: Forest Lite is available in 1” and 1.5” diameters.
Jacket Construction: The jacket is virgin spun high tenacity polyester. The outer jacket is thoroughly 
impregnated with a polymer compound to provide superior resistance to chemicals, abrasion and ultraviolet light. Compound is heat set at 250º F.
Lining: The thermoplastic lining shall be a single-ply extruded tube and shall be unaffected by ozone. 
The finished form shall be free of pits or other imperfections and shall have a smooth finish. No 
reclaimed material shall be used. The tensile strength of the liner shall not be less than 2000 psi, with an 
maximum elongation of 10 percent.
Adhesion: The adhesion between the liner and the inside jacket is such that the rate of separation of a 
1.5" wide strip cut transversely, shall not be greater than 1" per minute over a period of ten minutes, under 
a weight of 12 pounds.
Accelerated Aging: Lining specimens subjected to an exposure of 158º F +/- 3.6º F, for a duration of 96 
hours shall be conditioned to ASTM D 573, Standard Test Method for Rubber – Deterioration in an Air 
Oven. Then, the specimens shall be tested to ASTM D4112, Standard Test Methods for Vulanized 
Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers- Tension, Method A. Under evaluation, the tensile and elongation 
properties of the liner shall not be less than 75% of their initial values.
Couplings: Expansion-type in either hardcoat anodized aluminum or brass are available. NST couplings 
are standard; one quarter turn couplings are available by special order. All couplings meet NFPA 1963, 
Standard for Fire Hose Connections, 2009 edition.

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