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Dräger UCF 8000 NFPA Thermal Imaging Camera


Product Description



Crystal clear images

The Dräger UCF 8000 thermal imaging camera delivers bright images – even in environments where visibility is less than optimal. A resolution of 384 × 288 pixels and a 2× zoom provide a detailed view of the situation. Even in conditions where fire, smoke, and darkness make visibility extremely limited and navigation difficult, you can quickly and safely scan rooms and the surrounding vicinity.


Additional image modes

Missing an important detail in a difficult environment can place lives at risk. Because of application-specific operating modes, you can optimize the image display of the Dräger UCF 8000 for the specific task at hand. For example, the camera’s display can be optimized for finding individuals or sources of heat. In addition, the image display maintains a vertical orientation regardless of the camera’s position. In addition to the standard thermal mode, the UCF 8000 offers three additional operating modes:

  • Fire (firefighting)
  • Persons (search and rescue)
  • Thermal Scan (searching for hotspots)

Simply by pressing a button, you can optimize the camera’s display for the task at hand, giving you better information in any situation.


Extremely robust

This camera is reliable even in the roughest environments and with the most demanding applications. Equipped with an almost indestructible housing, the Dräger UCF 8000 is heat-resistant and withstands usage-specific mechanical stresses with ease. Due to its high protection class of IP67, the Dräger UCF 8000 is resistant to water and dust exposure. Modern lithium-ion battery technology enables the camera to operate for up to four hours – giving you peace of mind during long operations.


Comfortable one-hand operation

The ergonomic design and well-balanced low weight of only 3 lbs makes the Dräger UCF 8000 easy to operate with just one hand. As a result, you’ll always have one hand free. The intuitive operation makes it possible to use the camera safely and use its functionality to the full extent – even in highly stressful situations. A very sturdy detachable crawling plate enables you to put your weight on the camera while crawling. The camera also offers various carrying options for optimal comfort.


Extended functionality

Optimized image processing provides an overview in just seconds. The Dräger UCF 8000 even makes it possible to “see around corners” if your equipment limits your freedom of movement or field of view. 

The snapshot-function provides a temporary freeze-frame of the thermal image, which can then be viewed on the display. This allows you to examine and scan difficult to access areas quickly and safely. The integrated laser pointer simplifies isolating and showing the position of hazards – such as hotspots – to other team members and clearly defines the path of attack. 

The Dräger UCF 8000 offers a high temperature resolution – even in hot situations. This makes it possible to detect cooler objects such as people with best possible resolution – even in the vicinity of a fire. The Dräger UCF 8000 integrates video and sound recording functions, as well as the ability to record single images.


Standard USB interface

The Dräger UCF 8000 is equipped with a standard USB 2.0 interface, which makes it possible to configure the camera (e.g., setting a custom start image) and transfer the thermal image directly to a PC. Recorded images and video sequences used for documentation purposes can also be transferred to a PC.

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