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Mini Goat Pocket Tool


Product Description

Product Description

The Mini-Goat™ Pocket Tool was designed as a multi-purpose tool to be carried in your pocket.  It incorporates the EZ Spanner™ custom hook design, into a small, slim, hand tool.  It  is  especially  useful  at  a  pump  panel where it fits into tight compact spaces  where  other “standard” hydrant wrenches wont fit. Use the custom hooks to tighten and loosen fittings and couplings. Two convenient gas shut off’s give you options for getting the tool into tight spaces to turn the valve.  Down the center of the wrench, is an incorporated multi-step nut wrench, for a quick fit onto standard hexagonal nuts.  This wrench is also great in the field where it can be used to tighten hose couplings, and for a variety of other uses.  It’s a strong aluminum, very lightweight and durable tool.

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This lightweight, compact, multi function tool, has so many different uses in the field! This is a solid aluminum tool, not cast, and at only 9 ounces, you won't even notice it in your pocket. Designed with our 3 custom sized hooks on top, this little wrench is great for getting into tight spaces to tighten and loosen fittings and hose couplings. The step wrench in the middle offers multiple choices for tightening and loosening bolts, and two separate residential gas shut off's give you options for grabbing the valve from different angles. There are multiple different options with this tool, leave it up to your imagination!

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    This lightweight, compact, multi function tool, has so many di...

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